Dragon Ball Fighterz Roster – Best Character Roster

Dragon Ball fighterz  Roster is mainly said to be the 2D fighting game which was developed by an ARC system works and published by Bandai Namco entertainment. Well, this dragon Ball fighterz game is based on the Dragon Ball franchise this particular game was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and also in Microsoft Windows by the year 2018 January. After releasing this game there was a number of positive reviews was given among the people.

Dragon Ball Fighterz Roster

There are many several fighting games which were introduced among these this gameplay which inspired by the concepts mainly the control scheme and team mechanics which boosted the game.

The players can select 3 characters to form their initial roster of 24 in that one character which is controlled and can be switched by one another characters at any time players has also the capability to perform an assist mode with other rosters.

The main motto of this game is to defeat opponent characters and should be defeated to win this game. Dragon Ball fighterz roster game is fully added with familiar faces across the popularly known anime series. The number of characters which are available to play and it is demanding for both beginners and experts of fighting games.

And here for the beginners that are also a dragon Ball fighterz beginner’s guide will help you to study the fundamentals and guide you to play as the best way by each character in the roster.

Characters of the game

Here in dragon Ball fighterz game there are many characters which covers a wide range of anime and manga series and now currently there is 21 roster fighter and there are three unlockable characters in that they include 8 DLC characters.

Android 21

This is the latest and the final character which is to be added to the Dragon Ball fighterz roster this Android 21 is dressed as a scientist, and during the time of fighting this has the ability of changing to Majin like form to fight and at that time its skin will be changed into a pink colour with black eyes and baggy white pants. This Android 21 has the power of absorbing energy from her opponent and this will use that energy for their own attack against them.


You can’t start the game without this Goku character since this is the basic character for dragon Ball fighterz roster, this has the capability of packing to super moves and which has also extra power.


This Vegeta character will be present only with Goku you cannot have the Vegeta alone without Goku. So these Vegeta and Goku will be the first member in the Dragon Ball fighterz roster game. This has the energy of attacking great beams and also it has the power of attacking and giant ball so they both have extra energies.


This Gohan character is half human and it is half Saiyan in the dragon roster game but this character is very powerful character this will not stop him before forming and damn powerful this has an extra energy for fighting and also this has the super move power where he can call his dad to give a helping hand so this Gohan character is a very important role and which is played in Teen version role.


The strong character is like a warrior is meaning introduced to warn the incoming threats and also this helps to battle the opponents. Most of the characters in this Dragon Ball fighterz game will have a weapon a sword and he can deploy these weapons during the combos.


Piccolo is an alien and has the power of zoning out your opponent and which threatens to keep them away, and this character has the power of stretching his extremities to hit the opponent from a distance so this has a superpower.


The Krillin character is originally the training partner of Goku’s character and this is the strongest human in this Dragon Ball fighter’s game and this has got the material art skills and you can expect for the reputation power and this has the capability to fire off some impressive attacks which are the additional features of this Krillin character.


This cell character has created from a mixture of DNA that is scrapped from best fighters in the universe, so this has the extra power than normal fighters it has a high mobile opponent power to attack the opponent and has also the power of commanding the grabs.


This character is an eccentric bubbly undecidable fighter which is very suitable for eclectic moves this but character has the power of finding out the force of their opponent and which will also guess the wide range of abilities.

Android 18

Android 18 they are two characters in one dragon Ball fighterz game since they have joined by Android 17 and later they have tagged in certain moves. This character is a little bit tough to play but when it is properly used it has the capacity of defeating the opponent Battle against.

Android 16

Android 16 was actually introduced after the dead son of his creator, which is the tough morbid. So this has the capacity of commenting the grabs and which will lead to Battle against the defeaters.

Gohan adult version

In earlier Gohan teen version was used but you can also use this adult version where this will twist the same character since this adult Gohan which can share by itself and their properties are quite different from the team version it has the capacity of defeating power with super potential character.


This Yamcha character will completely rush down the opponent with high speed and will quickly attack the weak opponent. This has the ability to cut a thousand cuts and even in his third level this Yamcha which involved in the dashing assault on his opponent side.

After Dragon Ball fighterz release there are many updates available in this gameplay options and which helps the players to select one or two characters to compromise themselves in their team.



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