Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List 2019 – Updated

So, guys, finally the  Dragon Ball FighterZ is here. Now everyone would want to know about the best and the worst player so that they can decide which member to keep in their team.

So, now they would need the best Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier list. It is just an amazing and high-level game so people prefer to play this game more and more. Well, this is the reason for a changing tier list. Tier list of this game keeps on changing because the level keeps on increasing.

Every year the policies and details of the characters keep on adding so the tier list keeps on updating. Well, we will give our best and will also try to keep on updating the latest tier list. Well, now the list I am going to share now is based on their performance. So, now we will have a look at it.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List 2019


Adult Gohan: Adult Gohan acquires increased power and speed along with new attacks when he uses Release Power. He eventually becomes the best player with the capability to overturn with the standard combo flow going from heavy to medium to light after reaching level seven of Release Power.

Kid Buu: Well, guys I found this character the best one. He has the longest reach than any other character in the game. He can easily hustle other players without any assist. And obviously, if you will assist him, he becomes difficult to fight with.

Cell: Cell is a player with everything perfect in every way. You will find everything you expect from any player in this game. Even his usual moves are sometimes best in the game. You can easily link him instead of securing him in some situations. The Cell is having a full-screen instruction grasp. So if you have a proper aid then he can start a combo. He also has the potential to switch from the corner quickly. Well, guys, there is one place where this player is lacking behind and that is in super move versatility. But his qualities can easily overcome his deficiency.

Android 16: Android 16 has a shield, unblockable supervising grapples, and also an unblockable throw built within his light auto-combo. But guys, remember that he is little a slow player. Well, the most impressive thing about this player is that he can easily seize the other player from anywhere and condemn them to the earth for a serious injury. He is more powerful than Nappa (another player in the game) but less than Saibamen.

Goku Black: Everything which you expect in the player of Dragon Ball, you will get in Goku Black. He has diversified moves and can ruin the other player all by himself.

Rankings Rankings
S-Tier Piccolo – Hit – Goku Black
A-Tier Buu – Frieza – Trunks – Android 16 – Beerus
B-Tier Super Saiyan Blue Goku – Vegeta – Android 18 – Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta – Perfect Cell
C-Tier Gohan – Goku – Kid Buu – Gotenks – Nappa


Android 21: Android 21 can be the best character in the game after absorbing the right attacks in the right order. But you would need to land 2-3 command grabs for getting Android 21 to full power even if you are fighting the correct team. This is not as simple as it seems to be.

For Honor Tier List

Gotenks: Gotenks is the fusion of Goten and Trunks who is at the verge of being an S-Tier. He is among the heaviest characters in the game who can be the pain for other players.

Vegeta: Vegeta doesn’t have as many tools but he is a strong player. Though his crowning achievements are considered as the best assist in the game he cannot beat the player like Kid Buu.

Ginyu: Ginyu needs proper support for maintaining the pressure game but once he is adjusted properly it is very difficult to stop him. So, you guys need to work once on him and then you will get the best results. Pushing the opponent to the corner by keeping the track of the Ginyu force can cost them very high with a bad day. You need to aid him for properly setting the Ginyu force but still, he will have one super move that can work in any situation.

Goku: Goku is a very solid player of A-Tier and he is the main supporter in Dragon Ball. He has a wide variety of super moves.

Android 18: Android 18 is an amazing player. She can easily shut down the other player’s misdemeanour with her barrier. Calling Android 17 for her support can help you to pressurize the opponent easily. She can also combo into the Dragon Rush without even using a meter.

Majin Buu: Though Majin Buu is supported with some interesting tools he is lacked behind from Kid Buu. Two reps of his vortex are enough to deal with the other character if you have a meter with you.  Well, the best thing about him is that he can easily attack from a distance. For Honor Shugoki guide


Krillin: You can apply corner pressure on Krillin with proper aid but it is not enough to rank him above B-Tier.

Piccolo: Piccolo comes with command grab option which made him a quite solid character. But he is very meter hungry. Placing him with a good battery can help him to be a decent player.

Nappa: Like Android 16, Nappa also has armour attacks. So you can shut down the opponent’s crime with Nappa. With Saibamen, you can enlarge combos in the corner.


SSB Vegeta: SSB Vegeta doesn’t have many tools but he is a decent character.

Teen Gohan: The main advantage of Teen Gohan is that he can return with good damage. Though Teen Gohan is not a bad player he doesn’t have as many tools as other players in the game.

Final Verdicts

So, guys, it is the latest Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List. I hope you guys are now able to differentiate between the best player and the worst player of this game. But do remember guys that this tier list keeps on changing as new strategies are found. Well, we will keep on updating the new list. And if you want to know something more in this article then contact us through the comment section. Thank You. Idle Heroes Tier List

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