For Honor Conqueror Guide 2019 – Latest Update

For Honor is a Very Famous game which is an adventure game. Players are want to know more about the Conquerors and Full Potential for who is interesting to play to For Honor game. we are updating For Honor Conqueror Guide from Advanced Reseach about the guide.

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For Honor Conqueror Guide

For Honor Conqueror guide available here. conqueror is one of the strongest defensive heroes in the for honor game. it able to punish enemies for misplays strongly.

Tier I:

  • Body Count – Passive feats – Killing soldiers grants you Stamina & Health.
  • Speed Revive – Passive feats – Rapidly revive fallen teammates.
  • Conqueror – Passive feats – Allows you to capture & upgrade control zones quicker.

Tier  II:

  • Fiat Lux – Throw a flash grenade that completely blinds enemies for a couple of seconds.
  • Juggernaut – Lose movement speed for better defense.
  • Shield Basher – Shield based attacks will now deal with offensive damage.

Tier III:

  • Pugno Mortis – Throw an explosive projectile that deals damage over an area.
  • Heal on Block – Passive feats – Blocking regenerates your health.
  • Punch Through – Passive feats – Deal damage on blocked attacks.

Tier IV

  • Dauntless – Your actions cannot be interrupted for a short period of time.
  • Catapult – Call a catapult strike over an area.
  • Regenerate – Passive feats – Regen health when outside of combat.

Pro’s & Con’s – For Honor Conqueror

Extremely strong at holding points. Stamina management is an issue.
Revenge is basically God Mode.Really slow Attack Speed.
One of the most durable Heroes in the game.Has to play mostly reactively.
trongly punishes enemy’s misplays.Somewhat weak against Light Attack Spammers.
Huge disruption during Teamfights with Shield Bashes.
High Environmental Kill Potential.

Conqueror Counters

Weak Against
[Weak Versus | Countered By]
Strong Against
[Strong Versus | Counters]


For Honor Conqueror Moves

Charging Heavy AttackRMB RT
Conscript’s AttritionLMBRB
Final ArgumentLMB, LMB, RMBRB, RB, RT
Reaper’s CrushRMB, RMBRT, RT
Full Block StanceCRS ↓
Charging Shield Crush↑ + MMBLS ↓ + X
Shield BashA or W or D + Space, MMBLS ↑ or → or ← + A, X
Shield Bash Mix UpRMB, MMBRT, X
Shield Bash RiposteC, MMBRS ↓, X

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