For Honor Marching Fire Characters – Review/Price

The update of the for honor marching fire went live this week. Many of the changes it is going to reveal are little however when seen as a whole the changes are refreshing in the Ubisoft’s twenty-month-old medieval creation.

There are four new fighters added in the game and this is a high treat for any of the fans of the honour’s marching fire. There is a modification in the graphics of the game and also the new competitive mode is going to be unveiled.

For Honor Marching Fire


For Honor Marching Fire

The game honour was at first released in the year of 2017 on the month of February. The game was not as developed as it is today. There were slowly a good makeup added and creation of the characters and balanced patches.

The inclusion of the new modes has enhanced the package and the quality of the game. Honour was good when it was first launched but it was not considered perfect as it is now. At this moment it is the most recommended of all the games. The new Wu Lin warrior is the favourite of all.

How much does it cost/price?

The honour’s marching fire expansion will cost you $30. This rate will get you the opportunity to have the new Wu Lin faction that will enable you to have the new heroes to play the game. On the month of October date 30 the payers who have not yet bought the new faction can make use of game currency to spend $15 of 15,000 steel to buy it.

For Honor Marching Fire Price

The new faction also contains the brand new arcade mode which is a way to go against the opponents in the computer faster and become successful. You can get good experience and loot a lot of stuff in this. The latest and the new update can be used for free and anyone can get access to it.

There are modes such as the breach mode, modification and customization of the characters and many other updates. If you want to get the DLC or not, the people who are going to play the game will be able to have and experience the most heightened and improved form of the game.

The inclusion of a new faction

The Wu Lin warriors in the game are from medieval China. There are four of them in the game. Let’s have brief look at them. The vanguard named Tiandi, Nuxia the assassin, Jiang Jun the heavy one and Shaolin the hybrid.

They are on par with the evolution in the game so they are little different from the games standard archetypes. For example, Tiandi is a massive yet slow fighter

For Honor The Attack on the castles

who has some of the fast attacking techniques as his talent.

Jiang Jun is a fighter who uses a spear for defence. He is more speedy and agile compared to the other heavy-duty fighters in the game. Shaolin is a monk who battles with a staff made in wood and escapes the brutal attacks. The new fighters are diverse and quite different from the previous fighters.


 The attack on the castles

The new addition in the game is the breach mode. One part of the characters breaks inside the castles and finish off the commanders heading the castle.

The opponent team has a ram which they are determined to protect from the invaders. It breaks the two doors in the middle of their enemies and them. One team has to enter the castle and destroy the ram. They have to kill the enemies for a specific number of times or stay there for thirty minutes as per the clock in the game.

The screen looks good and the game appears to be more picturesque and appealing. The perk system is new and the arcade mode is more advanced now.

These are some of the amazing features added in the game. Play the game and have a good time exploring the new updates.

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