For Honor Starter Edition

For Honor is an action video game that was developed by Ubisoft. The game is about combat between the historical form of soldiers coming out in a field with their shields and swords. The setting of the game is even medieval and one finds oneself in an ancient battle like situation

For honour has been out for around two years now and has been through quite a few phases throughout its lifecycle, some great and others not so great but the game is far from what it was at its release.

For Honor Starter Edition 2019

For Honor got a bad reputation when it first came out mainly due to a number of issues it had and it scared away a lot of players to the point where some people were saying the game was completely dead.

This is pretty far from the truth today. It’s not the best combat games at present but it is without a doubt better than what it was when it released.

Connectivity issued

The biggest issues that this game had was that it had connectivity problems. People could hardly remain connected till the end of the game and this resulted in a lot of problems.

Gamers could not take it to the conclusion and had to quit it midway out of frustration and drop the whole lobby in the Dominion and those were hit or missed depending on who you were fighting but today none of these problems exist. The introduction of dedicated servers has completely fixed every problem it had.

It runs smoothly on Xbox, Play station 1, 2, 4, and personal computers. Ubisoft has been tackling the issues head-on since the release of the game and it should be credited to them the way game is now establishing itself in the field. The fact that the dedicated servers helped the game flourish. It has stopped all the complaints regarding the connectivity issues.


For honours has really great players play with than most of the other games. It has some really great heroes and some really bad ones too. At the time of release, there were some problems related to some heroes like peacekeepers damage output and warden’s original shoulder bash. These problems were fixed later.

Despite the improvements, there still are some problems like glad zone or warden’s new shoulder badge. Spam is also an issue that is most talked about and that some heroes do not have good self-control but that isn’t a good reason to stay away from the game.

When it comes to 4v4 revenge was a problem and gamers complaint about it being too powerful, but now it is in a much better spot it doesn’t make one much powerful but it is just enough to help you survive again. The only problem that it has right now is that it doesn’t auto knock down the opponent when it should. All in all, there aren’t any heroes that seem impossible to deal with when playing individually. So all in all the game has come through a lot of things and works a great deal to woo many game lovers.


 There have been complaints about the option play2win wherein you invest to unlock all your features but then you can do it anyway by playing and earning the points to unlock. All it needs is a bit of investment and hard work. With these features, you can not unlock all the features bit also customize your hero.

But earning steel is a great deal and you can’t do it by paying and need to be on the ground to earn it and that is what makes your hero all the more powerful.  So there aren’t any benefits in the game from spending real life money unless you are buying the DLC heroes, which is an advantage but even those heroes can be bought by earning enough steel. Pay2win is not just a thing in For Honor. Everything on the ground could be earned by playing.


For Honors community has the reputation of being highly toxic and salty but not everyone in the community is awful. There are players who are respectful and enjoy playing that way and won’t be involved in any deadly acts of revenge or sledging.

But then there no doubt are some players who go out of the way to win and this practice happens in any online game. So this doesn’t bog For Honor down. On a whole, the community of For Honor is just fantastic. There are wonderful discussion videos, memes and everything that an online game seeks for.


There are wonderful heroes with outstanding features and great fun to use after one learns them. Though it a great source of fun for combat lovers but it isn’t the surreal one. There are some players that can hardly start to attack their opponent because of how weak they are. There are no doubt fast-paced heroes and with everyone shifting to them, the slower ones are left useless.  With the online games going faster, the attacks also need to be fast and there are some attacks that are annoying and suck the fun right out of the game. Some attacks are easy to be pulled off and others are way too difficult and the player needs to position itself in the proper order.  For a satisfying clean kill For Honor is one of the wonderful games to look out for.

4v4: There have been some issues regarding this as well and how you are made to oppose a weak player at times or a player far above your rep. But that is not a complaint registered too often. The game, on the whole, is fun to play.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a game to kill your time and at the same time invest in something good then For Honor is the best thing. The game has improved a lot since its inception and has been constantly adding new features, new heroes, new servers, new content new maps, new effects, new emotes, new gear and what not.

The game has been constantly improving every season. Even though there has been a lot of talking about the game and the reviews were not good enough but the developers did not ditch it, rather they worked on all those complaints coming their way and ensured a proper building of this game. For Honor would cost you around 60 bucks buy it is often kept on sale a number of times around the year and is even free sometimes. At those moments its worth the shot.


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