Guinsoo’s Rageblade Jhin?- BROKEN

Jhin Encounters: Jhin is a meticulous criminal psychopath character of a game. Once he was a prisoner, but later, was freed by shadowy elements and or substances within Ionia’s ruling committee, the serial killer Jhin now works as their cabal’s assassin.

Jhin is an immobile AD Carry who carries that packs a potent punch. He has arguably the strongest burst damage of any AD Carry at any stage in the game, particularly when his fourth stroke is usable. His abilities allow him to not only set up kills for his team but also clean up any low-health enemies remaining after a team battle. He is likewise the only AD Carry that always delivers a set attack speed, and so his windows of power are a bit more predictable than the tier list

Jhin uses his gun as a paintbrush and creates works of artistic brutality, onlookers and horrifying victims. He obtains a cruel pleasure from putting on his gruesome theatre, making him the ideal and a great choice to send the most powerful of messages that terror its victims.Akali Build

Ionia’s southern hills and mountains were plagued by the notorious “Golden Demon.” Throughout the province of Zhyun, a monster slaughtered scores of travellers and sometimes whole farmsteads, leaving behind twisted displays of corpses. Armed militias searched the forests, and towns hired demon hunters, Wuju masters patrolled the roads – but nothing slowed the beast’s grisly work.

Abilities of Jhin

Jhin uses an ammo system, consisting of 4 shots. The fourth and final shot before any reload will be a guaranteed crit, although all crit damage is cut by 25%.In addition, Jhin’s attacks cannot be zipped up with items or powers. Rather, it will give him extra attack damage. Furthermore, when Jhin crest, he gains extra movement speed.

Deadly Flourish

This deadly flourish ability has two parts. First, Jhin gains the “Caught Out,” mode on any enemy damaged by him or a friend is marked. This deadly Flourish is a very long range ability that enroots the first marked enemy champion who hit it; otherwise, it simply deals only with damage. Mid Lane Tier list

Dancing Grenade

Jhin throws a grenade and a bomb that bounces up to more than 5 times, which causes damage to each enemy he has hit. If that bomb kills an enemy, the rest of the bounces or the grenades will do increased damage than that of the previous one.

Captive Audience

Jhin produces a trap at the target location he has with him. When triggered the device, it slows the enemies by 35% and creates a small field for them to get them tracked all the time. After two seconds of the field creation, any enemies in the field will take the damage. To boot, a trap will be produced around the corpse of any champion killed by Jhin.


The game is extremely awesome. It feels like the character Jhin is just beside you. It completely feels it is real and everything around you is happening for real. The character Jhin is a very dangerous character.



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