Heroes Of The Storm Tier List – January 2019 {Updated}

Heroes Of Storm is a video game of online conflict ring for multiplayer which was released on June 2, 2015, by Blizzard Entertainment for Microsoft Windows and macOS.

This game is supported by micropayment which can be used to purchase heroes and mount and uses both free-to-play and freemium models.

Heroes Of The Storm Tier List

Players have the option of choosing the game mode including player against computer-controlled heroes or other players. as well as you can know Idle Heroes Tier List guide.

Heroes Of The Storm Tier List

To gain permanent entrance as a hero, players can use gold-coins which is the in-game currency or through microtransactions. Players can select a talent offering a new ability or arguments an existing one at every few levels.

Well, guys, it was a brief description of the game and now I will mention the latest list of Heroes Of Storm. So very first I will provide you with the viable tier list descriptions. And it includes:

Tier S+: Greatly Overpowered

Heroes under this tier are very strong and they can be placed in any form and will get succeed. But currently, no hero is considered S+ tier.

Tier S: Overpowered

Heroes under this tier are often the first ban material, the first pick and are contemplated as top tier. Heroes which are currently considered as S tier are:


Hanzo is an adjustable hero who doesn’t have any stumbling block. He has an exceptional range poke and his ability to clear camps is very strapping. The Dragon’s Arrow offers the hard crowd control which can turn team fights.


Orphea is a psychotic fragment and fairly ambulant in right hands. If she has a setup and timing, she will be able to swab the team instantly. She is exposed to CC and dive.


His combined AOE stun and sustain are just improbable. He is allowed to jump deep and duress backline by Carrion Swarm while night rush makes sure that he can escape with respective adroitness.

Tier A+: Slightly Overpowered

The heroes under this tier can see only minor changes. And the heroes which are currently considered as Tier A+ are:


Anub’arak is one of the few warriors who can faithfully dive a black-line and is not worried about getting out alive. Any team-fight can turn from 5 v 5 to 4 v 5 rapidly by his Cocoon.


Despite being endangered for frequent harassment from Tracer and Genji, Stukov is startling support. It is difficult to deal with Healing Pathogen combined with his AOE silence of lurking Arm. He can easily secure his entire team if he picks up flailing swipe.


After his rework, Medivh is much better and will always remain hollow. He can be infuriating when he is with the professional players. So it is far better to take another high damaged hero or second support.

Tier A: Balanced

The heroes under this tier should see few changes. And the heroes which are currently considered as Tier A are:


He is the one who never gives up. He either conquest in a team fight or ends up trying. He works well as an off-tank. To land his Phase Prism Combo, he requires a lot of practice but he also difficult to deal with if you can perfect it.


Brightwing global travel always remains strong which require protected fights or on large battlegrounds. She lacks the ability to deal with burst damage across multiple allies that is why she is pushed down the tier list.

Tier B: Slightly Underpowered

The heroes under this tier require a highly talented individual or are the map specific to get the most out of them. The heroes which are currently considered as Tier B are:


D.VA has improved after her basic attacks and she no longer allocates with pathetic damage.  She is best chosen on Braxis Holdout where her Self-Destruct can trustable clear the zerg wave rapidly.

She remains weak even on her best maps like Towers Of Doom as she deals with a little damage in encouraging meta.


Nova has improved after her modification. She has become an issue on large battlegrounds where she can roam between streets. She is sometimes proved difficult to deal with on the likes of Warhead Junction.

Her team can earn a notable experience lead if she secures early and repeats kills. She is also among those heroes who can devotedly fracture the top tier Heroes Of Storm when she chooses the right moment.

So, guys, this was the viable tier list description. And now I will mention the not viable tier list description.

Tier C: Underpowered

These heroes are considered weak. In this pool, team compositions generally need to be built around heroes. The heroes under this tier include:

Cho’gall: Cho’gall is best used on small Battleground.  He is a large target that won’t be able to miss and brought down easily with focused fire. For Honor Tier List


Murky offers very little after his nerfs, tower and lanning changes. Without any complications, he can be killed. If players don’t prevent their Octograb, his damage is good. He can’t achieve much if you will babysit him in a lane.


The Butcher can do well at low-level play. His Lamb to a Slaughter can protect an easy kill. Woefully, Onslaught is remarkably formulaic. Hard crowd control easily shut down him and until level 20, he has no mobility. His strength is worse if his team can’t feed him meat early game.


He can quickly end up the games. But unfortunately, she is easy to shut down, babysit, and focus. She can perform well only in lower leagues.

Final Verdicts

So, guys, this was the list of the Heroes Of The Storm. Well, I hope now you are left with no confusion about the list of the heroes of the storm.

And guys, I have given a brief description of the game as well as providing the latest list of the Storm Heroes. But for more details, you can contact us through the comment section. We will help you and answer them all. Thank You.


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