Idle Heroes Guide 2019 -Best Heroes

Idle heroes guides help to explain the way which you can ensure that you are playing very efficiently and progressing quickly this covers how you will get stronger idle heroes very quickly and also it will guide you to rare gear, unto Power up your new heroes without spending money. You should have the only aim is to create stronger heroes without spending your money.

Idle heroes guide 2019

Idle heroes is a mobile game with turn-based combat this game which is currently available in both Android and IOS now over 5 million downloads have been done for this game and the star rating is also 4.5 which is a very interesting game.

Idle Heroes guide

In this game, there will be many numbers of heroes in which you can choose whichever you want for your team and you must play your team to against others in turn-based combat system in the system the main feature is to increase your hero’s power and you should enable them to progress through the game faster.

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Guidelines for beginners

If you are a new player you should try to acquire the powerful heroes before you decide to focus on other since in this game the very important issue as you have to collect more powerful heroes in your team only then your team will have a good heroes which will provide you with a strong foundation which you can build upon. So initially you have to find out the strong heroes and connect them for your team.

Composition bonus

Sometimes if you have composition bonus on particular heroes then you can get some really good bonuses, sometimes you will be having the availability of getting 10 per cent of bonus in multiple areas provided you should have a powered hero.

How to get your free 5 star heroes in seconds

There are many strongest characters in this game which are 5-star heroes this is not so easy to acquire if you have an opportunity you should utilize it and you should grab any of the opportunities to secure one of the heroes.

So it is very important that grabbing the five star heroes will help you to save your hero and another good news is you can register for first 5 star hero freely by just simply registering your account where you need to provide your email address in order to register and automatically you will receive five star which is an excellent starter hero which will provide you with a good support at the beginning of the game itself.

Use of logging in every day for goodies

Here idle heroes which are a pretty generous game when it comes to rewards especially for every active player when you log in on a daily basis you will be getting a lot of freebies which is a good option available in this game. The freebies which will include the 5-star shards and you can also collect these shards which will help you to summon a 5-star hero freely.

The hero shards have the ability to change regularly so you have to wait for some more time in order to get the shards which you need. On daily logins, you will be getting 5-star heroes and this will not be the best option so comparatively try to capture 4-star heroes also to have in your team.

Hold your diamonds

Diamonds which are the games premium currency and you should have the ability to earn them without spending your real money but this will take some time so you should try your level best to get the diamonds you earn, you should be very clever and you should know the tricks of the game to capture every diamonds you earn so save pure diamonds and avoid spending them where you will have an opportunity to win this game.

If you are active on daily basis you will be able to earn a number of diamonds just in a few seconds when you start playing. The game is very dedicated when you play every day since there are various rewards where you will be receiving on a daily basis which includes diamonds also.

How to build your team powerfully

Sometimes these idle heroes will be surprised a complex game since finding out really powerful heroes is a little bit difficult initially since this will take some time to build a perfect team in order to progress it further. If you are very lucky enough and if you have got a lot of 5-star heroes you can use it and at the same time you can also use your 4-star heroes.

If you start playing the game you will be getting mostly 4-star heroes you can invest them and you have the ability to transform them into 5-star heroes. And you should have in your mind that the native 5-star heroes only will be stronger than transforming heroes.

How to pick 4-star heroes

After starting your game when you wait for a five-star line up you will get a 4-star team to play and you can collect all the four-star heroes and sometimes you can also transfer some of the four-star to five-star heroes and you can use some 4-star heroes which are created equally. Here in this game, you should always remember to keep regularly buffs and nerfs which will help you to maintain balance.

You can also create stronger heroes when you pay more attention to the game when you sacrifice some heroes you can make other heroes to become stronger if you sacrifice 3 star heroes you can make an another hero to become more stronger so sacrificing option is also available here there are many opportunities to make your hero better one you can also create a better heroes through specific requirements, a very good idea is instead of sacrificing them you can also replace them with better heroes so the option is yours and you can choose the better option to create a stronger heroes.

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