Idle Heroes Tier List 2019 (January) Updated

In this idle heroes day offers more than 200 characters totally and shortly when you start playing you will be getting the collection dozens of heroes, where you can see that even more experience to play here will make a mistake to choose which hero is the best and for what purpose it is used. you can get idle heroes tier list 2019 officially guide.

So for beginners, this is very much harder where they often make mistakes in team setup since they do not have any knowledge of the classes and also about the heroes. as well as you can know about idle heroes guide and tutorials.

By preparing the guide of the knowledge which will be easier to choose the heroes and also give some idea of the ideal team setup.

Idle Heroes Tier List January 2019

So all the heroes which you get will start the game as Tier 1 but the star levels with are variable. Here you can upgrade both the systems but keeping in mind that these systems are different. In general 3 stars and below heroes will become completely useless after the game level 30.

So, for this reason, you should not waste any points to increase their level so it is recommended that you have to save your points for upgrading at least for 4-star heroes. The star of the system determines how strong the starting stars of a hero will be in the game. Totally there are 10 stars and the most stars the hero has will be stronger. On the other hand, unlocks skills of heroes which makes combat easier.

After raising your heroes 2 levels 30 where you can upgrade them to the next tier. Likewise, this can be followed for increasing their star level. For example for star hero will turn into a five-star one when you increase the star level so increasing the star level will boost up you come and be and you will get the number of points.

For this reason, through the game, your only game should connect natural 5-star heroes which will help to raise the year Tiers as high as much possible. as well as you can know about lol tier list patch 8.24


How to get 5-star tier lists?

Naturally by collecting all 5-star heroes which will be quite long and images and challenging process. For this reason, you should initially set up 4-star heroes’ team and you should upgrade some of them to 5 stars where this will be helpful to raise the star level of all your heroes.

For upgrading which tier will cost a lot of resources so, for this reason, you should only upgrade the heroes you want to bring up and with the endgame phase?

Points to be considered for this game

The main point is only the heroes whom you can take beyond 10 stars will get a place in the list and those who are not good enough in playing for this game will be outside the list.

For forming the best possible team you should keep experimenting from the choices given and from that you should consider the best option. Every hero in this game has its rating level only with lower grade can win over with a higher rating. Twisted Treeline Tier List

Tier 0

This includes those heroes which can turn the table in your favour at any moment for this game and also you have a lot of problems to ensure which player wins


Mihm is a 10-star dark hero and who has the power of reducing DMG attack. This hero acts a role of one Target bursting using enormous passive damage when the hero dies. Jungle Tier List

Mihm Heroes Tier List

  • Class: mihm
  • Stone: HP/HP
  • rtifact: HP
  • Slot: 3 4 5 6 (1)
  • Role: Tank, DOT scales with Max HP, self-heal when CC’d


 This hero is one of the priest class with very speed as artefacts and which has the role of attacking speed buff and mass healing.

Belrain for Heroes Tier List 2019

  • Class: belrain tier list
  • Stone: Speed (Attack/Attack)
  • Artifact: Speed (Attack)
  • Slot: 2 3 (1)
  • Role: Attack/Speed Buff for four allies and team healer. Mass heal on death.


Vakyrie is from the class ranger and this one has the stone paper it artefacts are HP and which also reducing the damages. This one has a role of tank and self-healing at the time of CC damage and DOT scale up with maximum high power.

Heroes Tier List

  • Class: Vakyrie heroes tier list
  • Stone: HP/HP
  • Artifact: HP
  • Slot: 3 4 5 6 (1)
  • Role: Tank, DOT scales with Max HP, self-heal when CC’d


Here this is one of the class dark heroes and which has the best to target and which reduces energy and self-sustained.


  • Class:
  • Stone; Crit/Crit (Attack/Attack)
  • Artifact: Attack/Crit
  • Slot: 2 (3)
  • Role; Two-target burst, + Damage vs Priest, Energy Reduce and Self-Sustain. (Silence Immune)

Tier 1

This is one which holds preferable heroes in every E3 cast all the heroes from tier 1 have a balance of power and which has also constancy in performance.

King Barton

 This hero is one of the mask counter burst damage which is used for controlling tank and crowd.

  • Class: King Barton
  • Stone: Attack/Attack (Attack/Holy/HP)
  • Artifact: Reduce Damage
  • Slot: 1
  • Role: Mass counter burst damage, tank and CC + attack vs stunned.


 This performs an enormous one Target bust De-buff attacks and also which is used for damaging and cirt buffing.

  • Class:
  • Stone: Crit/Crit (HP/HP)
  • Artifact: Block (Crit or Attack)
  • Slot: 1 (2 3)
  • Role: Huge one-target burst, attack debuff and damage over time. Crit buff on a successful block.


 This one has a special rule has the mass buff and debuff and for mass, crowd control up to 50%.

  • Class:
  • Stone: Speed
  • Artifact: Energy (Speed)
  • Slot: 2 3 (1)
  • Role: Mass buff/debuff, mass CC below 50% HP. Heals 2 for 20% Max HP



 This comes from the major class with the stone power which has the effect of holding good at self-buffing and to reduce damages or attacks at a mass level.

  • Class: Skerei heroes tier list
  • Stone: Crit/Crit
  • Artifact: Attack/Crit (Reduce Damage)
  • Slot: 1 2
  • Role: Self-buffing, attack steal and mass burs



 This has a class light hero and also stone power is speed and which performs the crowd control with control immune.

  • Class: Michalle Heroes Tier List
  • Stone: Speed
  • Artifact: Speed or Energy (Reduce Damage)
  • Slot: 4 5 6 (1)
  • Role: Spread CC and respawn on death (Control Immune)


 This is used for mass crowd control.

  • Class: Valentio Tier List
  • Stone: Speed
  • Artifact: Energy (Speed)
  • Slot: 4 5 6 (1)
  • Role: Mass CC (Stun Immune)

Das Moge

 This is a ranger class tone power which is used for attacking and used for performing damage and energy boosting level.

  • Class: das heroes tier list 2019
  • Stone: Attack/Attack (Crit/Crit)
  • Artifact: Attack (Skill Damage)
  • Slot: 2 (4 5 6)
  • Role: Self-buffing, stockpile damage and energy boost from the team


 This is used as a barrier class light hero and which is used for reducing damage and it can tank self and mass burst

  • Class: asmodel tier list
  • Stone: Crit/Crit (Attack/HP/Holy Damage)
  • Artifact: Reduce Damage (Crit/Attack)
  • Slot: 1
  • Role: Self-buffing, mass burst and tank


This is one of the major class Shadow heroes where it functions as a sprint best attack steel and for crowd control.

  • Class: Jahra heroes tier list
  • Stone: Attack/Attack (Speed)
  • Artifact: Speed or Energy (Attack).
  • Slot: 2 (4 5 6)
  • Role: Spread Burst, DOT, Attack Steal and CC


Dark Arthindol

 Its class is a stone power of speed and has the potential speed for attacking energy and hitting mass crowd level.

Faction: Dark
Role: Mage

5★ Stats

Power: 6971
Health: 19436
Attack: 3662
Armor: 610
Speed: 622
Fuses into: 6★ Dark Arthindol
Fused from: Can’t be fused

Acquired through: 

  • Basic Summon Scroll,
  • Friendship Summon,
  • Heroic Summon Scroll,
  • 5 Star Hero Shard,
  • Prophet Tree,
  • Altar (5000 Soul Stone Shard)
5★ Stats
Power: 16035
Health: 60493
Attack: 7703
Fused from: 2x 5★ Dark Arthindol,
1x 5★ Darkness Fanella,
3x 5★ Dark hero

Acquired through:Creation circle


10 Stats

Acquired through: Awaken
Power: 75023
Health: 415599
Attack: 24045
Armor: 1502
Speed: 1188
Fused from: 2x 5★ Dark Arthindol,
1x 6★ Dark Dark hero,
1x 9★ Any faction hero


Karim: This has the capacity of bursting two targets, self-buff and it is self-sustained.

Vesa: It can speed up the game and which is used for team healer.

Corpsedemon: This is one of the class shadow hero and which has Tank and mass control power.

Kamath: This hero does backline power control and also it is a ranger class shadow hero.

Support Heroes


  • Name: Belrain
  • Key Stats: Attack/Speed/HP/Energy
  • Stone: Speed/HP , Attack/Attack


NameKey StatsFeatureStone
MichelleEnergy/Speed/HP/AttackCC Immune


NameKey StatsFeature(s)Stone
Heart WatcherCrit/Attack/HPCrit/Crit/Attack
VesaCrit/Attack/HP SilenceCrit/Crit/Attack
ValentinoEnergy/Speed/Attack/HPStun Immune


NameKey StatsFeature(s)Stone


NameKey StatsFeature(s) Stone

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