Magikarp Jump Guide & Tips [2019]

Magikarp Jump is an entertainment, jollity game and here player takes the preface of a Magikarp trainer. A trainer who is here to train every player to jump as high as they can.

This game is invented by Mayor Karp who added little secrets and fun loving tools on it and in this game he added some hidden features also and that features attracts everyone to play more and more because in playing period every player wants to uncover all hidden secrets and that’s why the player play more in that game. Here you are going to learn more things about this Magikarp Jump game because they are providing you Magikarp jump guide which acts as a hub for everyone.

Magikarp Jump Guide 2019

We are here to provide a brief explanation for people who don’t know about this game and don’t know what to do in this game and have no idea that what can they do with their coins and diamonds. Many players played that game for about 3 to 4 days to get high rank and they almost finished all leagues. Here is they have a full-time job that doesn’t allow anyone to use their gadgets that’s why the bulk of the playing was done on the weekend.

Basically here you can play non-stop if you really want to play this game and want to earn more diamonds to get the farm of diamonds but for it, your mindset should be always on one point not distracted because this game wants your dedication and time, so always play like a player. Here are some tips about Magikarp Jump game you can easily understand and play it with these tips.

First thing is to feed your Magikarp because it helps to boost power for feed you have to tap on that food material which is appearing on your screen and the second thing is that to train your Magikarp how to eat food items and jump because, in the game, jump power is decreased slowly so you have to get in your mind that training is also very important part. Third thing which is here in this game to understand it is complete leagues, because leagues decide your level in this game so after completing these leagues your chances boost up to level high and people see you as a high player and your jump power also increase with this and in the time of match comparison with opponent helps you to make reward in your side.

Pokemon are there in this game Snorlax maxed, Meowth maxed, Popplio, and Rowley if we talk about decorations so here is Shaymin planter, Sunflora bunch, Exeggutor palm, and lampent lamp. Food that you have to eat starts with the only 2 default berries, always choose that one which provides the higher jump power between the 2. If we look for the training session so train it and upgrade it but food and candies also help most to boost up. Decorations are easy but in priority, left to right. Shaymin Planter, Lampent Lamp / Exegutor Palm, Sunflora bunch. There is also a friendship item and it is also you can choose left to right with Snorlax and Rowlet.

When you are going to choose diamond usage so if you are close to 500 diamonds then you have to choose Snorlax first, if not then get the Shaymin planter instead after that you can feel free to invest in the money decorations or Rowlet. It’s purely up to you. After completing your diamond section you can go on candies section, in it, you have to use them on your Snorlax to proc more food upgrades, you have to reach end game by then and get never-ending candies.

How to Raise Maximum Level

If you are confused and finding a way that how can you raise Magikarp’s maximum level so here is solution I am here to solve your problem that how you can increase your Magikarp’s Maximum Level you know it is very easy, as you are guaranteed to increase the maximum level of the Magikarp you can retire your old Magikarp and boost your new Magikarp level by retiring old one.

Here is one thing in which you have noted down, that if you want to keep one Magikarp going you don’t want to do your first Magikarp retire so you have only one way to increase that Maximum Level in Magikarp Jump, which is Event 32.

What is Event 32???

This event is actually triggered in this article by using a specific set of instructions, which we are teaching you in this article. To increase jump level high you can trigger Be Gone also, for Be Gone trigger what you have to do is load up the game on your device and head to your Pond right now you have to scroll up and locate the TV set on the left-hand side of the screen. You can listen to cute Pokemon songs they called Magikarp songs also by a tap on this screen to be taken out of the game but now you can use it to trigger Event 32, Be Gone!

While you are playing this game there are some points that you should know very well that upgrade your berries always because it is helpful to increase your jump power and use every training point, training point helps you to make your rank level up whenever you have your training points make sure to use them, especially if you have max points waiting for you. Complete all the achievements which are showing you on your screen there will be five levels on each achievement.

Use your decorations also; decorations you’ve gotten will always be active – even if they aren’t placed in your pond. You can easily get your first decoration by completing your first league. Always be careful with special events because there is negative outcome too in it and if you get the negative outcome, your Magikarp will likely be taken away and you’ll have to fish for a new one. Save your diamonds and check the store when you rank up, pay attention to your Magikarp’s individual bonus.

So, friends, this is the full guide, that how you can play safely and earn more diamonds in Magikarp Jump game!!!

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