Nexus Blitz Tier List For League Of Legends (LOL)

Nexus Bilitz Tier List For League of Legends: Nexus Blitz, the newest game mode of the League of legends, it has a unique jungle map having a single lane that splits it into two jungle camps. The web developer of the Riot games has launched the Nexus Blitz and it is inspired by fast-paced games, it has managed to develop a very robust and competitive e-sport scene. Support Tier List

As the space of the Nexus blitz Tier List is cut short to two camps, the multiplayer game forces the people to barge into each other and if you feel you love your dignity and do not want to lose face in the game then you can even quit the game within 8 minutes.

Nexus blitz is a very refreshing one as it comes with random events, different battles and with diff buffs, this is why it now becomes a permanent addition to the league of legends game. ADC Tier List

Best Tips For Nexus Blitz Tier List

  • If you have a buff which can easily crack your enemies make sure you make the most of the opportunity to push and grab the towers.
  • Poppy can use the ultimate power and hammer away all the players out of the circle in the Bardle Royale.
  • As soon as the timer starts, make your way to reach the middle ground on the map as the events are quite spontaneous, the middle ground will be the safest to reach to all the points.
  • One can even get the “Death fire Grasp”, this is from the old chunk of the league of legends and yes this clearly means you can plot an explosive build possible.
  • If you find someone alone wandering or camping here, make sure you get in the jungle and get access to the shared gold, XP and buff.

Nexus Blitz Tier List

I bet with these reasons you can surely win the game and won’t be needing to quit it, nexus blitz is now becoming one of the favourite part of the league of legends game, no wonder this is now a permanent part though. Here are some good reasons you can relate to if you to believe that nexus blitz is the best game now!

New field

Well, the traditional map of the league of legends usually had three grounds but now the number is two, the limited space brings in more clashes and more fun both!

This is now a 5V5 game which makes it even more exciting. As every jungle site now has a tower does not try to counter it. The most interesting part is that as blue and red buffs are kept right in the middle every player has to fight at least one fight before they make an attempt to collect it. Lol Tier List

Surprise events

The game is full of surprises, it has many different things like 2 lanes, many buffs, different events, n no of clashes between players. As playing and exploring the buffs all by yourself will be more fun, but the best one if the cannon that permanently spawns next to your fountain and shoots a person wherever they want on the map, isn’t it exciting?Even the Janna shield buff is one of the best in the game. Top Lane Tier List

Death fire Grasp

If you have been playing the league of legends game since a really long time, I bet you are handy with its ways and means, so you must know that death fire grasp has not gone anywhere. It is a nostalgia gifted to you again, there are few other buffs as well, which you can definitely try. Jungle Tier List

Make sure that you go through all the options and picking up the old ones are best as you are familiar with the ways and you can win the game easily now.

The amazing buff camps

Nexus Blitz has in all 3 buff camps that can spawn along the centre line of the field. Red buff is exactly at the top and the blue buff is exactly in the middle that is to be seen immediately above the split lane.  And after you complete 10 minutes in the game you will see rift herald buff in the hollow between red and blue both.

Battle Royale like Bardleroyale

Let us all admit that we love it! Indeed we do, why do you think that the makers added it to the game in the very first place? Well, battle royale in the form of unseen events keeps the player on their toes, as the different events of the game keep it interesting and unpredictable and the concentration never fades.

The short events

The shorts events throughout the game make the game very exciting, like the bardle royale, push the cart, Loot temo, king of the hill and Snowball fight and there are even sudden deaths. All this add spice to the game and make the player play more and more of it.

Nexus Glitz is one of the most loved parts of the league of legends now, the riots games have done a really good job in adding this to the game. With the unpredictability, it has to offer to the players it creates a win-win situation for both the new bee players and the old veterans of the game. Keeping everyone on toes, it has successfully made to the permanent list in the game.

There is a lot to explore the diff buffs, techniques to be learnt to master the game and I bet all players are currently on it! An ever-evolving game on the summers rift is a good option, however, if you have had just a really long day and all you want to do is have some adventure, then the league of legend’s nexus glitz could be your thing! If the riot games are able to pull off more events they can attract a larger number of players making it the number one played a game.


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